Contributing to Connect

Connect is an open-source project released under the MIT license and pull requests and issues can be filed on the Connect Github Repository.

Contribute Front-End Code

  1. Install the needed dependencies by running, from the root directory:

npm i bower i

Dev dependencies for Connect are managed by NPM, and front-end dependencies are managed by bower. These dependencies are required before compilation.

  1. Review Connect’s client-side code: The files are found in the top level folder assets. Javascript, JS templates, and LESS files are located here.
  2. Compile the assets: From the root directory, run the command grunt – this will pre-compile the Hogan templates, compile the LESS, minify the javascript, autoprefix the compiled CSS files, and copy the webfonts to the correct directory.

As a default, the Gruntfile is pointed at the default tasks configurations, location in /open_connect/connect_core/. Each task has its own file in a folder called grunt, and global variables for use in the tasks are defined in grunt_config.json.

As you make edits default client side assets, you can compile to see the changes.

NOTE: This process is only for making open source constributions. Changing the default assets is not the recommended way of customizing/skinning Connect, as your changes would be overwritten as you upgrade versions. To customize Connect’s styles, see instructions below.

A watch task is provided in case you would like files to compile while you work.

Contribution Logistics & CLA

Before code can be accepted by Organizing for Action for inclusion in our projects, contributors must sign OFA’s Contributor License Agreement.

Individuals should sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement and if your work was done as part of your employment you will need to submit the Entity Contributor License Agreement.

There is also an OFA Contributor License FAQ which provides further details about contributing code. Further questions can be sent to